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Being a designer and consumer, I have seen many trends come and go, but I don’t think any of them have had the staying power of the vintage style label and package design we see over and over again. Yes, it is overdone, but sometimes, it is done beautifully and cleverly where vintage is combined with other elements to make the label or package truly unique and stand out of the shelf. THAT’s the KEY to doing vintage style- MIXING it up!
This post is dedicated to all you vintage-loving entrepreneurs… below are some tips on how to do vintage for products today!

How to Do Vintage for Today’s Products:
1. Find a juxtaposition- Combine 2 bygone eras in package designs. For example, combine art deco shapes and patterns with a 60s colour palette. The book Stylepedia is loaded with every single style imaginable and it’s a great resource to ponder over possibilities. Remember, it’s tricky to combine very different styles effectively, so make sure you let your designer do this while you focus on the larger operations and marketing!

2. Change the colour palette- Like mid century modern patterns for your candle boxes? Just change the colour palette to something totally unexpected and you have a new twist!

3. Add a vintage font- Sometimes the subtle things make a huge difference… try going with a clean, modern package but add an over-the-top vintage font to shake things up. You don’t have to go crazy with colour… just try black lettering. Classic.

4. Vintage ephemera is never dull- Ephemera is basically all the paper goodies like stamps, old bills, postcards etc. Every country on the planet has its own vintage ephemera… whenever you travel, start to collect these bits of joy. Actually, start local! Check out flea markets, estate sales, antique malls and ebay. John Derian did an amazing job with vintage ephemera and applied it to his home decor products (candles, plates, glass and more). Candle boxes and labels would look amazing with some beautiful, unique ephemera.

5. Strip away colour- Go self on self with colour. Monochromatic. Shades/tones of the same colour applied to pattern, font etc. can create a dramatic effect. Don’t forget about embossing the most important detail in the package. Ask your designer about all the different effects that can be created in packaging.

Hope this is a good start… Please browse through my collection of vintage labels and package designs. If you are pondering working with a designer on your package, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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